Faros took its name after the lighthouse (in Greek: Faros) that was situated on the right side of the small port’s entrance. Today, the lighthouse is situated next to the monastery of Timios Stavros and it is one of the three active lighthouses that still exist in Sifnos.

The settlement of Faros is located on the southeastern side of Sifnos and it is considered to be the safest port of the island. It has been characterized as a "traditional settlement" and it has three sand beaches: Fasolou, Faros and Glyfo.

Here, just before the picturesque village of Faros, you shall find the complex of studios to let Cape Napos, which is built according to the traditional architecture of Sifnos.

Cape Napos, 84003 - Sifnos - Cyclades

The monastery of Stavros in Faros and Fassolou beach in Sifnos

Worth visiting

The church of Chrissopigi in Sifnos


The patroness of Sifnos


One of the most famous paved paths of Sifnos starts from Glyfo and leads to the beach Apokofto and to Chrysopigi. En route, you will pass the old mine facilities and the loading ladder of the metal ores on ships. At the entrance of the gulf of Chrysopigi, you shall see the "Stone Ship", a rocky island with the old monastery of Virgin Mary of Chrysopigi (1650), the patroness of Sifnos.